This is our story~

The Pre-story
at year 2006 December, i want to make a MV, so i find kiong as cloud... after that he become very famous.....
and later the joined of other pending gang, Jayson, Hiro, Bui and Hui.
We retired at 2008 july, this group known as the 1st generation of pending cosplayer.

The Real Beginning
at year 2008 December, i went to a small anime convention, first time meet mond and ching, ching was cosplaying zero and wearing glasses. My first image on him is a good boy, hardworking type, very kuai. Mond was cosplaying itachi, without wig and O.o wearing blue jean inside the akatsuki coat. His first image to me was very cincai that type. He more thin and look weak than ching that time. Of cause i dint expect he will cosplay noctis in future. ^^

The 2nd
This is the 2nd time saw ching and mond, at 1 Feb 2009, a outdoor photoshooting at civic center there, finally mond and ching got the wig. But i dint talk to them much, shy kua, and dont know them too.

The 3rd, first time really talk with them
Ching was charting with mond, then i heard they say about smk pending. Then i try to ask them weather they study at there too? becos their senior all from there....maybe because of this, we start to talk a lot and become good friend in future.

The 4th, first time meet luffy
shi yang..he very shy for his first cosplay, dont let me video and photo, keep hide his face......... mana tahu now he so face thick..change a lot.

the 5th, MV for all cosplayer
may 2009 i invited all the cosplayers for a mv, mr magic. first time i meet eric who cosplay as prince of tennis. and i was very shock when i saw mond's thick make up, plus the long hair, this itachi look very gay hehe.
I saw they do korean dance behind the scene, now know them like korean dance a lot.
Ching and mond also do the MJ dance to make us laugh. ^^ Really happy that time.
after that we went to spring for lunch, i still remember mond was invited to the stage to do a gawai dance....hahaha itachi doing gawai dance...funny.

the 6th, Mond first time as noctis
7 june2009 i invited the pending gang only for the mv- dragon rider. and i need a person cosplay noctis inside this mv. among the 4 ppl, mond's body size suit the most.
so i sms him, can u be noctis in mv? he reply: u got noctis's costume and wig? at u there?
hahaha look like he surprise and shock and cant believe that i got noctis costume.
one night b4 the mv, i pass the costume to them, mond and ching face look excited, ching also take the wig and costume play first.
During the shooting date, mond can't wait to change noctis costume.....at public toilet already switch. and keep tell us he too excited~ cant wait it.
wearing the costume go to lunch at jalan song singapore rice, an ang mo and his son want to take photo with us haha.
after that mond told me wan buy the costume from me...... i tell him...ok bah full set rm100.
but the next day, i sms him, free for u, just take it....haha because i think give to a ppl suitable is better than keep it, since i not wearing or using it

the 7th, noctis at public, start to famous
went to a public event at the spring.
Mond cosplay noctis in public, he and ching do sorry sorry at stage after the event end..hehe. bring a lot fun to us. then suddenly i got idea of make korean dance mv.
i remember a ching away called me "xiao zhang" that time haha.
mond start to famous, many ppl want to take photo with noctis leh.

8th competition and the FF group
july26-29 cosplay competition at Boulevard.
the solo contest got 2 days, actually i asked mond avoid to be same date as kiong, but at last they still same date.
why i scare they same date......because i know what will happen...and really that happen.
kiong cosplay cloud, his costume and wig was me help him too (2 years ago).

The solo contest result really become..... Kiong VS Mond (cloud vs noctis), they get same highest mark at first..........they 2 were asked for 2nd round pk.

the 2 person i help vs each other...wahh...... at last kiong won, cos his experience was more too.

the 3rd day of competition is group contest.....our team consist of mond, ching and kiong. ^^ we really spend many time go to taman sahabat practice~ really sweet memory, think script, fighting style, edit music, make weapons....very tired.
thats also the reason ching will cosplay reno.

From not support to support
got one time, was charting with ching and mond.
mond told me that at first his teacher and friends don't support him cosplay, some even say he gila and waste money on those stuff.
but after the competition with the good result, they change to support them.
and his mum become more support him after watch the cosplay video ^^

after the competition
after the contest.....suddenly the final fantasy team become dam famous.....pending facebook group become hot. many ppl asked when the ff group go out again? they wan take photo with them.

Many ppl request we do MV
we made many mv, sorry sorry, gara gara go, heart breaker....etc
and many ppl post comment at our youtube account, because they seldom see cosplayer wearing costume and dance their fav korean song.
we decide to run korean dance style.

Magazine Borneo cosplay competition.
then mond join the online cosplay competition for a magazine. the contest only need ppl to vote......
mond vote was 2nd highest, then we decide to help him bump to first.
Ching asked a lot friend vote for mond, since mond's house no internet access.
i still remember that night....haha~ 8 pm, i keep ask ppl vote~until the end of vote which is 12.00midnight baru able to sleep nicely...haha so that make sure other competitor no chance chase up the vote.
jayson also help us. thanks
then at last won!! the price was a figure cost around RM500, and a gothic costume maybe need rm250. waahh nice

Break my ability to make a cool weapon
got one time....mond give ppl say his sword and hair not nice.......
i feel that, mond give ppl look down is my responsibility, because the wig i gave him is not the correct style, and weapon too

that's the reason i decide to make the hardest sword out, spend almost 1 month,
spray till my hand all silver silver, and my hand full of hard glue...==
give parents blame too XD haha~ for dirty the floor with silver spray.

finally i able to break my record, break my ability~ i also dono how cloud i success make it XD
The sword was cool, and cos of this mond gain lot of praise hehe~ lot ppl say his weapon like real.
The ppl who say him also change to become xian mu and support him.

and some ppl want pay me money to help them make sword, but i rejected.
Because good thing keep for bcoz is enough, money cant buy me work for other de.

after that i continue find and study many way to make a better weapon.^^ Because want make bcoz become the most successful and quality team with good costume and detail weapon.

When b_coz name come from
one day, eric and ching think that they need a team name, a short one, as cool as super junior, dbsk....then bcoz is the final decision.........we first time use this name is year 2010 kyanime convention.

Bcoz did the dance perform during the opening and ending ceremony of the convention ^ sorry sorry and gara gara go.
Many ppl were surprise, because they never watch anime/game character do such dance.

one day a reporter told me.....at kuching he like final fantasy cosplayer the most......the reason is...look alike, same body, nice hair, nice costume, cool weapon.
really touching T.T dint expect reporter also like ar.

then a guy say wan help us design logo, and he really designed out few logos for us.

i belief without me, they still can continue and create another Legend^^


Dragon Rider MV

Dragon Rider MV
Character: Zero, Itachi, Wizard, Roxas (organization 13)
type: serious cool style mv

estimate time shooting: 3 hour

8.00 am meet at pending shop near klinik that area, those no car pls inform me.
8.15 start shoot, till 8.45 switch to 2nd place
9.00 at stutong garden shoot, 9.45 done.
9.45 back home make up for itachi switch character.
10.15 done went 3rd place shoot, finish at 11.00

Fighting Part

Under Pending Bridge
Zero and Wizard Fight
Thing to ready: double gun

1. Zero jump from the bridge,,
(use cheat view, zero just 原地跳下就可,但下来时手要按地板,表示跳下来是冲力大). then slowly stand up and walk few step
2. Wizard slow slow walk with cool style.
3. Zero take out his 2 guns, start to shoot infront
4. wizard siam and 空间移动
(use cheat view, wizard suddenly dissapear and appear at right, left, right left...more and more close)
5. Zero change his shooting style,手交叉, shoot like devil may cry style.
6. wizard stop at middle, 念咒语,手比<
(use fire effect, make him like casing fire wall magic)


Stutong Japan Garden
Roxas and Itachi Fight
Thing to ready: Keyblade, Kunai, Shuriken

*before that, shoot of change screen, from the tree upper to down floor till roxas there.
1. Roxas walk with cool style, slowly.....at jungle
2. Itachi appear at behind tree
3. Roxas feel that somone is following
him, turn his head look back
4. but the tree no more ppl,
5. Roxas finally reach the destination.
He go infront a tree, like wishing something there, closing his eyes slow look at upper. very emo this part
6 suddenly........itachi appear at back trying to throw a shuriken
7. Roxas 感觉不妥,faster siam away.
8. shoooooouuup.. a shuriken lying over, and stab on that tree....(use cheat view)
9. Itachi hiding again, Roxas 拿起武器原地来回转圈,看四周
10 Itachi appear rush to roxas there, try to attack him with kunai, but roxas挡着with his keyblade
11. the both 弹开, itachi trying to use his tactic 月照(i forgot that tactic name what liao.. damage ppl mind that one)
手接印, and his eyes from black change to red (use cheat view, take photo at here, use photoshop edit, slot in video)
12. Roxas start to head pain.

Fill In part

Thing to ready: printed lyrics

Place: Under Pending Bridge + glass there
1. all stand cool cool there no move, just camera move in line
2. all slow walk together in same line under bridge, a big dark d area
3. some sit some stand at glass there.
4. from down view to up, shoot person 1 by 1, with only blue sky and bridge in background.
5. all posing with their weapon, camera move round them.

Cool and simple act
1. from short to talk, stand in one line, hand from left to right.

Lip sync part, itachi pls change costume~ to FF 13

3. Itachi Lip sync full song, at lease 3 times. will zoom near.
dont worry, got lyric see, will use hp play the song too. (place at studong garden that japan house)

Guitar Part
Will find real guitarist for this part.


May 31 Cosplay MV

May 31 Cosplay MV

Date: May 31
Time: 8.00 gather
Location: Sarawak meseum

thing have to bring
everyone umbrella
toilet brush pump
wo ma cham

group 1: itachi, zero, prince tennis, luffy
group 2: Shishegumi X 2 , Bleach girls x2, Haruhi, Zoro, Ryan, Bleach boy, L, Lulu

Acts of group 1:
1. stand beside the museum white cat, do "chao chai mao" hand act
2. all 4 Sit at canon infront museum ... there all do yee haa together.
4. Zero giv nyamuk bite, slaping nyumuk there, suddenly prince of tennis guy pop out...borrow his tennis racket......zoom near..found that actually its was a electric nyamuk racket -.-"
5. Funny dance
a) one hand put at head, swing head from right to left
b) 手交叉,原地踩步,像操练
c) 手插腰,左脚2次踢出, 右脚2次踢出....repeat
d) 手插裤带处,半蹲, side view
6. L join in, chia they eat lolipop, they all eat together and learn how L 樽at same place.

Funny act of group 2:
1. Haruhi Dance
2. while they dancing...some "road ppl" (ppl who not wearing costume) suddenly join in and dance with them.
this show that, they kena influence and join in
Place at Indian street/white court there.

3. while ppl dancing, zoro leave group and catch snake....at some place sleeping.
4. Luffy big face show infront camera, (he tot camera can eat...) trying to knock camera with his hand.
ppl come carry luffy out the screen, cos he distrubing ppl shooting video.

Big group
1. group act
a) 人浪
b) 火车

2. Dance at white cat (gawai decoration there)

3. funny act screen
Itachi and zoro 叛变,
2 team of ppl fighting.
a). All use their umbrella as buckler.. just like the 300 movie...
but zoro too strong, one by one beat them with his 厕所扫
b). All kena beat down, but all climb up again, 丢扫把(just same like the movie)
c). Itachi 空手夹刀(扫把)
d). L take out the death note, wrote name on the book, all fall down..
e). L wear back his mask..then walk away..but mana tahu...he knock tiok tree and fall down too.. the end



about me....

Name: Wei
Email: hidakaharu@yahoo.com
Age: secret
Address: not nice to put online lol

1. Music, especially drum.. also like violin and electric guitar
2. Watch anime and manga (comic)
3. Internet, write blog, chat with friend...etc
4. Video games, online game
5. Art and design, draw comic, photoshop, webpage, fashion design
6. videographing, film production
7. Cosplay, but myself no cosplay just help ppl style hair n clothing part
8. Traveling, camping

Swinburne university - Business Information systerm
Chung Hua middle school no.1
Chung Hua Primary school no.3

Extra course:
Music: Drum, Electric guitar, voilin course
Photoshop design course
Goverment GTS tranning program

Scouts for 9 years (primary and high school 23rd)
Badminton club (primary school)
school libralian (high school)
commitee of Cosworld Cosplay club (2006-2008)

- Editor at Berita Petang Sarawak, sometime also write report for events
- Freelancer wedding designer

MS office word, powerpoint, front page, publisher.
Adobe Photoshop, Indesign

My blog:
Fantasy Kingdom (Main blog)- http://funkywizard.blogspot.com/
Fantasia Kingdom (mandarin)
Cosplay Kuching - http://cosworldkch.blogspot.com/
Neko Studio
Fallen Kingdom
Musical Kingdom
Mao zai dui



Cosplay is the short term of costume playing
dress as the character from game, manga and anime~

There are lot cosplayers at kuching too~ come n attend the local cosplay event!!

KAA event at boulevard shopping mall

and Here the cosplay band from kenwy music school~~wowow

a kuso music video made by us.. check my youtube account for it (user name: hidakaharu)

Funny MV Cowboy is Busy KUSO 牛仔很忙- - The most amazing home videos are here

Naruto Cosplay Band - My Music School Performance - Watch the best video clips here

wanna know more cosplay at kuching? visit here
blog about kuching cosplay activites:


My Newspaper reports

those are my report that i wrote for newspaper ^^


My photoshop design

Poster design~ by me, using photoshop CS2
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

DVD cover design, using photoshop 7.0
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

2D art, use pentool draw, photoshop CS2.....using pentool really...need lot time..
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

cute design? idea credit to seng.